The Mindful Art Subscription

Start every month with an inspiring piece of art. Each letterpress card is delivered right to your desk along with a pre-stamped envelope so you can share last month's art with someone you care about.



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Inspiration delivered.

With the Mindful Art Subscription, every month you will receive:

  • One archival letterpress-printed card
  • One pre-stamped envelope to share last month's art with a friend
  • A description of the art you receive, why we chose it and how we hope it inspires you to live mindfully

A perfect fit.

Add our handcrafted Reclaim Frame or Reclaim Card Stand for a simple and beautiful way to display monthly art.

Our frames and card stands are assembled from reclaimed wood from mindfully deconstructed homes and buildings in the Detroit Metro Area. Each of our frames and stands are handcrafted by Urban Ashes in Brighton, Michigan.

Our gift to you, your gift to others.

Beauty comes to life when it's shared. Each monthly delivery serves as a reminder to stay connected with others and to add value to your relationships through shared experience.

The inclusion of a pre-stamped envelope makes this reminder as simple as possible: just write your message and send.


We started this subscription service because we are passionate about sharing art, fostering relationships and staying connected with our community. Our design team has worked hard to bring you handpicked art of the highest quality. Your happiness guaranteed! If you don't love the art you receive, let us know.

Cancel any time. There is no commitment.

"Our subscription is giving in so many ways. Each month we get to enjoy & share a mindful, loving gift with those that mean the most to us."

- Monica Pirani

"Social media makes it easy to feel connected, but its getting a card from Holstee each month that reminds me to actually reach out to people."

- Sebastian Coss

"The Mindful Art Subscription is the gift that keeps on giving! Love getting my cards each month. <3"

- June Kim

"I love getting my monthly Holstee Reframe card. It is my opportunity, in a small way, to show and tell someone close to me how much they mean to me in a real way. #givemore"

- Vivek George


Frequently Asked Questions

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All subscriptions are processed on the 15th of the month. So if you order before the 15th, you will get your card the first week of the upcoming month. If you purchase after the 15th, your subscription will begin the following cycle, at the beginning of the following month.

Unfortunately, this is only available in the US. If you are interested in having the subscription available in your country, let us know. If we are able to launch in your country, you will be the first to know!

You can update your address at any time! Just send us an email to

We begin to pack and fulfill subscriptions for the upcoming month on the 15th of the previous month so any address changes made after the 15th will take one full month to take effect.

We're working on providing a gift option very, very soon. Stay tuned!

Your card is on its way! The cards and frames come from two separately locations, so it's not totally unusual that they would arrive on different days. We want you to get your frame first so you have a place to display your card as soon as it arrives!

Nope! No commitment at all. Feel free to cancel any time.

No worries! Email We are here to ummm help :-D