The Dove Manifesto Poster

This limited edition color combination is anything but muted: the stunning metallic contrast will light up any room!

Products and experiences for an inspired life.
Where we began and what keeps us moving forward today. The Holstee Manifesto is a reminder of the values we live and work for.
Start every month with an inspiring piece of art. Each is delivered to your desk along with a pre-stamped envelope so you can share the inspiration.
18"x24" Letterpress Print
A letterpress printed tribute to Maria Popova's meditation on 7 things she learned in 7 years of reading, writing, and living posted on Brain Pickings.
Cubicle Survival Kit
Looking to spruce up your work environment? This kit will get you started with a more inspiring, lively, and soul nourishing desk.
6"x8" Recycled Paper Journal
Take your inspiration from the Manifesto with you wherever you go with the Holstee Journal.
Kyle Studstill, Designer at Composure
On cultivating an information diet that allows us envision the creative world we want to be a part of.
Helen Williams, Community Love Director at Holstee
Bemoaning how busy your days are? A simple 3 step solution that will get through your to-do list with time to spare.
Saskia Kerkvliet, Community Building Director at Dachi Tea
Mindful downtime is not a luxurious indulgence of the indolent, but the crucial means to unlocking your full potential.
This Months!
Available to fit your computer or iPhone screens, our monthly downloads will provide you with a boost of inspiration during your busy day.
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My Life is an outlet for the voice of our ever-growing community: browse stories and shared experience inspired by the Manifesto from around the world.