The Healing Power Of Compassion (Dr. Kristin Neff)
“Internally, we’re harsh with ourselves, we cut ourselves down, we are weakening ourselves, we’re undermining our self confidence. Whereas if we were kind, supportive and encouraging, we’d strengthen ourselves. Do you wanna be an inner enemy or an inner ally?”

Guided Love And Kindness Meditation (Mindful Magazine)
This is a guided meditation for individuals interested in starting a love and kindness practice. The well-being benefits are numerous and the practice has been linked to a greater frequency of altruistic behavior. Imagine if everyone gave this exercise a try!


The Science Of Compassion (Emma Seppälä)
“Thanks to rigorous research studies on the benefits of compassion, the practice of compassion is understood to be as important for health as physical exercise and a healthful diet; empirically validated techniques for cultivating compassion are widely accessible; and the practice of compassion is taught and applied in schools, hospitals, prisons, the military, and other community settings."

How To Train The Compassionate Brain (Mindful Magazine)
“A new study, just published online by Psychological Science, shows that training adults in a loving-kindness-style “compassion meditation” actually makes them significantly more altruistic toward others. The study suggests not only that it’s possible to increase compassion and altruism in the world, but that we can do so even though relatively brief training.”

Compassion And The Real Meaning Of The Golden Rule (Brain Pickings)
"'Have compassion for everyone you meet,' Lucinda Williams sings, for 'you do not know what wars are going on down there, where the spirit meets the bone.' This ode to what should be our baseline behavior to one another echoes like a great secular psalm in the cathedral of the human experience — a sorely needed one, and yet one which humanity has a long history of tuning out, to its own detriment.”


Top 10 Scientific Benefits Of Compassion (Emma Seppälä)
"There is truth to the saying 'It is in giving that we receive.' Not only does compassion ensure depth, fulfillment and purpose in our lives, studies show that it has powerful health benefits and even leads to a longer life! To help keep you inspired, I’ve summarized research on compassion in one handy infographic! Enjoy!"


Reconnecting With Compassion (TED)
“The term ‘compassion’ — typically reserved for the saintly or the sappy — has fallen out of touch with reality. At a special TEDPrize@UN, journalist Krista Tippett deconstructs the meaning of compassion through several moving stories, and proposes a new, more attainable definition for the word.”

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