Since first stumbling on to the Manifesto, my life has been an altered course.

At the end of 2011, I stopped taking clients, cleared my plate of things that divided my time or stressed me out, dropped the guilt and caught up on everything unfinished, and I stopped saying someday.

Someday is now.

2012 became my Year of the Phoenix and I spent the year dusting off projects and journals full of ideas that I’d never had the time to act on. There were so many wonders, a cross between Christmas morning and Pandora’s box. From that moment, I decided to make each day about doing more of what I love, being present right now, and spending more time creating (art, memories, time) with those I love.

At the end of 2012, I spontaneously decided we were going to Europe. I had no idea how, but I knew that we would go if we were meant to, so I put it out there. Two weeks later a door opened. I am launching a magazine, my art group is going nonprofit, and we now have tickets to spend three weeks with some of our dearest friends - we will be spending three weeks in Portugal, Germany, and Sweden. We will also be spending a few days doing the most magical things (like riding the Sultan’s Elephant) in Spain and France for my magazine.

Getting rid of all that “stuff” and saying no was incredibly freeing. I am doing things for me now, which makes me a happier person for my family, and my family and I are doing more as a result. We are savoring every bite of our lives and we are changed. Thank you.

Someday is now.

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