“Do what you love, and do it often. If you don’t like something, change it.” The words of the Manifesto have somehow been able to tap into exactly what I have been struggling with/looking for/striving to find in my life. Since I happened upon the Manifesto via a late-night scroll through Facebook in efforts to avoid making progress on my thesis, my life has been altered. Each person I introduce the Manifesto to, I feel a little strange saying “This poster changed my life,” but then I don’t mind because it really has. The Manifesto has allowed me to view life in a way where everything makes sense; everything is simple. The Manifesto appeared in my life in the midst of completing several graduate school applications to social work programs, writing and rewriting my thesis on alternative approaches to therapy, searching for past employers and professors who might take time out of their lives to recommend me to these graduate schools, and at the same time, imagining the possibilities if I didn’t pursue graduate school and moved to Europe to become a baker or a street performer instead. Since reading the first lines of the Manifesto, I’ve spent my days and nights trying to discover what it is I love to do, so that I can do it often. This has inevitably led to increasingly more pumpkin spice lattes, involvement in creating a production with my school theatre arts program, impromptu shopping trips with my fifteen-year-old sister who has significantly more money to spend on new trends than I, forcing myself to get out of bed in the morning to do more yoga, and squeezing in time to have dinner with friends throughout the week despite how long a day of work might feel. In my search to find out “what I love to do so I can do it often” and therefore pursue that for the rest of my life, I’ve realized I love the joy of being a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, the beautiful days I continually wake up to, and the ability to share these things with the people around me. Whether I end up getting accepted into graduate school or moving to Switzerland to live my life as a barista, I intend to live each day as it comes and not focus on the unpredictability of the future. I’ll live every moment doing things that I love and making sure to always love what I do, because if I die tomorrow, I want to die knowing I’ve lived each day the best way that I could and filled my life with beautiful moments. Thank you, Manifesto makers, for inspiring my life daily and encouraging me to appreciate every moment I’m alive.

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