When my parents both died suddenly within 3 months of each other, I threw myself into my work, which I love. Nineteen months later, I was exhausted and needed to stop. On an absolute whim, I applied for a travel job and surprisingly got it! I spent the next 3 years learning about love, life, travel and people. I also met someone who would years later end up being my husband. I miss my folks all the time, my dad particularly. He was a traveler and I know he would be proud of me. But if they were both here, my life would be so different. And I do love my life. I would never have met the amazing people or done the crazy things if I had not got the job. So in a strange way, my parents lead me to this life. Holstee’s principles were mine even before I read the Manifesto. This is your life and on this journey there are no practice runs, so go for it. Never think if you miss a few things you can get it the next time around.  :)

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