My story is similar to others posted here, and that in itself is inspiring - that there are so many people deciding for themselves to make a difference in their own lives. The lines in the Manifesto that relate most to where I am right now are: “Do What You Love and Do It Often” and “If You Don’t Like Your Job, Quit”.  Well, in my case, after over twenty-five years working in the corporate world, I did quit: with nothing except a commitment to embrace doing what I love, which in my case is writing. Now, I wouldn’t advise anyone without a financial safety net to do this on a whim, especially in today’s economy, so I gave myself a small cushion to get it right, and I’m diving in with both feet.  I just created my own website: and it’s live! I’m ready to take on new challenges and enjoy the life I create for myself. Oh, and I will finish my novel. :-)

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