A friend shared the Holstee poster with me in 2010. At the time I was a few years out of grad school and happy to have employment to simply get my ‘adult life’ started. Funny how ‘adult life’ quickly began to feel like I was living in a giant ‘rinse-lather-repeat’ cycle. So much of the same every day, just to get by and pay bills and live a lifestyle barely within my means. I was in my mid-twenties, feeling the onset of a quarter-life crisis and questioning if I had made the right choices. I would continue to grapple with these questions for at least another year, working for various employers and trying to be happy working to make everyone’s dreams - with the exception of my own - come true. Fast forward to 2012: I had enough of putting myself second. What about that made me happy? I pulled out the Holstee Manifesto. Line by line, I wrote it out on paper and began brainstorming ideas for living it. An actionable plan. A few samples included:
  • “Stop over analyzing, life is simple.” - I made a promise to myself to live more in the moment instead of wishing for a future I wasn’t working toward. An analyst by trade and training, I’m slowly learning to shut off the excess and noisy thoughts that come with over-analyzing.
  • “When you eat, appreciate every last bite.” - Cook more, eat out less. Create relationships with people who grow or sell you your food. Go to the farmers market more often. Buy local. Eat slowly and at a table.
  • “Ask the next person you see what their passion is, and share your inspiring dream with them.” - Create a networking group for young women who may be feeling the same way I did (I launched it in May of 2012 and it’s going strong!). Make this the first question you ask strangers when you meet them.
  • “…so go out and start creating.” Stop denying your talents and start reveling in them. Pretending that working with data and spreadsheets is fine when you would rather help launch wellness-based businesses and create designs that inspire health is not okay. Own up and live in what you love. A job can be fun and filled with passion.
I love the Holstee Manifesto for pushing me to look beyond just being and get into truly living a life on my terms. It has its bumps and I expect to work hard as I grow this business and live out my true purpose, but I also expect to be more fulfilled and find smooth-sailing in time. You don’t ever have to wait to start over. Once you make the decision to live on your terms and for your happiness, you begin living the manifesto of your life.

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