The Holstee Manifesto was like a breath of fresh air; it resonated and sang out to me! If you don’t like your job, quit: I did in 2010! The world is changing second by second and anything not in sync I just can not dig anymore.  I live my life how I want to, in the way I want to every day.  I am lucky to be in this situation, I am a home nurturer to my partner and our 2 kitties. I feel more at home here now on the planet than I ever have in my 52 years, the energy and vibe that is emerging and has emerged feels like home: creativity, asking questions, saying no, going for what feels good vs what you should be doing, loving more, shoulding less, urban gardening, green everywhere, saving ourselves and the planet, not accepting just because its been done like that forever we should keep doing it. That’s why the Manifesto rang out, it spoke to my heart and soul and felt real.  I love real and honest and transparent.  There is nothing more of a turn on than that. I love being a part of the Holstee family, we know what feels good and we go towards that instead of doing whatever anyone else tells us, we follow our hearts and spirits and its a win/win. I don’t know whether I’m going to be doing 9-5 again but if I do it will need to have Holstee-ness as its framework, none of this boomer bullshit way of being; no grey walls, cube farms, time oriented work, but free flowing creativity with your tribe, where it all flows and yeah maybe money is part of it, but there’s more to it than that. I’m still working it out, its a work in progress, I am a work in progress. Thanks for the love. xxxx

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Distilled from our Manifesto, positive psychology, the science of mindfulness, and ancient philosophic studies we have identified twelve themes core to living both fully and mindfully. We mapped these twelve themes to each of the twelve months in a year. Together with our community we explore one each month.


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