I found out about your poster/manifesto through a friend and I immediately wanted it.  There are a few lines that rang true to me, the first being “This is your life. Do what you love.” and “If you don’t like your job, quit.”  To me, those are interchangeable.  I hated my job for years and wanted out. I went back to grad school to change directions. While in school, my professional position was eliminated and I finished my MA without a job. For a while I tried going for jobs in the field I began my career, when I realized I didn’t want that anymore. So, I stopped applying for those jobs and started volunteering where I wanted to work. I have been fortunate enough to currently work where I started volunteering doing something I love.  I am hoping to eventually move up and go full-time, but for now I am doing something I love because I was able to “quit my job.”
I was also drawn to the “Travel often” line. While unemployed, I finished graduate school and we had been saving for two years to travel to Europe. Many said we shouldn’t go because without me being employed, we should save the money. My husband and I discussed it and decided travel is just as important as employment. Fortunately even with one income we can afford all our bills, so we weren’t as bad off as many who have lost their jobs. This trip made us realize how much travel means to us and how much we do not want to give up the opportunity to see new places, experience new opportunities and meet new people. As a child, my family rarely traveled. Since being married, my husband and I have been to Jamaica, Canada, Italy, France, England, 10 states, and hope to visit Ireland in 2013.
The last line that jumped out at me is the “Some opportunities only come once, seize them.” In a sense, this ties back to “Travel often” to me. When we determined we would go to Europe we realized we could not see everything in the cities we would visit. We had people suggesting places for us to go and of course we had places we wanted to go. We made the decision to be happy with what we were able to see and do while there and not take for granted the opportunity we had in even going. That ideology, if you want to call it that, is something I am trying to keep in mind every day. Take advantage of what comes your way, do not stress what doesn’t and be happy for what is.
To me, the lines all lead to one another, the all build to one another. They are all simple sentences, but put together they encourage thought and reflection. They are things we all know, but with the craziness of life need to be reminded of. I am looking forward to framing it and hanging it up where I can see it and be reminded to get out of my own head and live life!

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