My childhood was spent doing what most kids do – school, holidays, swimming on Sunday, reading mills & boons or loitering at the malls. Nothing was out of the ordinary until I turned 22. I was deep to the waist in life as we know it. Working 2 jobs and going to night school in the UK – the envied but misguided “life abroad”. Don’t get me wrong, this was an opportunity I had been pining for, what with our culture’s esteem for higher education especially in the west.  But there was a constant nagging in my subconscious telling me that there’s so much to experience in life and the opportunity afforded to me provided great potential. But I was the only one who could make it the adventure I wanted it to be. So, in the spirit of Steve Job’s young and foolish mindedness, I dropped out of college, quit my jobs and went backpacking around Europe. I literally packed a bag with a few clothes and took the night bus to my first stop, Paris – at the very least I’m glad I finally got to make up for all the years of French classes. It was an extremely exciting experience, my biggest test of independence and now a constant reminder that all I ever need is within me.

Having had the courage to take that bold step remained with me even as I got back into to the humdrum of life—only this time, I can’t help but ask, “How I can make the most of every situation I’m in?” So it comes as no surprise that when I wasn’t getting from my new career what I needed to grow and flourish, I resigned from my ‘prestigious’ job, of course followed by some travelling – this time to South Africa. What was I thinking? Blame it on the new age philosophy of following your bliss and pursuing your interests and there’s also last born syndrome – apparently I can’t help it. So now I’m a project coordinator for a coaching company and moonlight as an event organizer for what I like to call experience activities. I spend the rest of my free time with family, a few close friends and as a member of Rotary which is a voluntary organization focused on professional and community development. I currently serve as the PR and fundraising Director for Nairobi Central. I still swim on Sundays, try to read lots of books, dabble in blogging and my visits to the mall are now usually purpose driven.

My vision is to build solid relationships through service and learning for growth and personal development. It’s how I connect with myself and others to make sure I’m continuously living a mindful and authentic life. I believe it’s important we learn how to love ourselves – be our best selves – and in so doing encourage others through action to do the same. That’s why my life motto is: Live, love, learn and leave a lasting legacy.

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