Just wanted to say that Holstee is amazing!! This philosophy has inspired my way of living and thinking in a very good way. Holstee = Ego boost! smile This summer me and my best friend Daniela Östman went for a three-week InterRail in Europe. We got this idea that we wanted to share the Holstee Manifesto with people along the road. We printed the Manifesto and left it in every hostel, train car, gave it to the people we met and we even made paper planes out of the Manifesto and threw it from the cathedral in Budapest. I’m not sure however if anybody found these planes. Everyone of our friends know how much me and Daniela loves Holstee! We’ve posted the LifeCycle video almost a hundered times, we printed the Manifesto and put it in our office, on our fridges etc. Since two weeks back, I moved from the town where we used to live and work together, to continue my Master-studies in another town wich separates us with about 800 km. As a goodbye gift Daniela framed the full size Manifesto to me - the best gift ever! The Manifesto now hangs in my new apartment and reminds me everyday on how life should be lived.smile She is my best friend and I love and respect her so much! As you can see from my profile picture, I pose with the Manifesto. It really means a lot to me, and I know that soooo many other people have got inspiration for life since they’ve been introduced to Holstee. So, thank you! heart A lot of love to you guys! P.S. Here are also two pics of the paper-plane Manifesto!

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