Someone had posted the Manifesto on Facebook as a photo on their wall and I hunted it down because I needed to have it, own it, live it.
I am 45 yrs old and was diagnosed 2 months ago with MS.  It has rattled me to my core but I’m beginning to think it’s a good thing.  I had been feeling a bit depressed before my diagnosis because I realized that I probably had more good years behind me than ahead of me at this point in my life…and BOOM – the universe lays this on me.  Kind of like a “So there!  Appreciate what you have every moment that you have it and don’t waste any time!  Self pity and ‘Maybe some day’ have no point and no place in this beautiful, glorious gift we’ve been given.
I am so glad to have this print as a reminder, every day, of life’s wonderful opportunities to be kind to each other, be creative, laugh and love.
Blessings and much success to you all at Holstee!

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