Three years ago, I was on a hike as a leader of a youth group. At the top of the mountain, I slid over the side. I was able to grab a small branch to hold on to until I could get pulled to safety. When the two male leaders looked at me I could see in their eyes that they did not know how they would pull me back over: you see, I was just about 300 lbs. In that moment I was humiliated and my thought was, just let me go, just let me go. They didn’t though, and they pulled me up. It was after that, that I hired a trainer and a nutritionist and for a year I worked hard only to have crushed most of the bones in both feet and had ZERO weight loss. I had huge boots on my feet and my foot doctor wanted me in a scooter…I was immobile at the age of 34 with small children. I remember sitting on the couch and watching my mother do my dishes and sister play with my kids, and again my thoughts went dark. I wanted to die. My kids deserved more, my husband deserved more, and I was in my own prison. I had to dig very deep into my soul that day. I said Lord, I want to run, I want to run soooo bad and I don’t really even like to run. But please, either I run again, or I am running to you. My soul changed that day as the whisper in it were, just picture yourself running and you will do so. I did just that, I never stopped picturing it. Now 2 years later here I am 120 lbs lighter. I was on a run recently and realized that I forgot my running mate (iPod) and in my soul I heard, “Just listen and enjoy”… as I did this, took deep breaths and could smell the pastures, I could hear the sprinklers in the fields and the crickets as they chirped. As I was enjoying it all, the simplicity of true happiness I was overwhelmed with gratitude because I realized that I was in my DREAM….I was living what I had created with the Lord’s help. If you don’t like something, change it. Go out and start creating. Live your DREAM.  

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