I was introduced to Holstee, and The Manifesto by my great friend Chermelle at a very important stage in my life. During that time, I was questioning several decisions that I had made, and on some days I would doubt my passion and dreams of being a successful designer, brand strategist, and believer of the impossible. I wondered if the unknown pursuit would ultimately generate the life I envisioned.
By this time I had “slit my own wrist” in life. I had also began brainstorming on launching my new venture All Things Progressive. “Slitting my own wrist” is my version of creating a safety net for myself, it’s a risk taking strategy I wouldn’t have any other way. This route didn’t offer a return, there wasn’t a life to return to, which forced me to pursue my dreams with every ounce of energy I could muster! My dreams had to work! I purposely left my jobs in education on bad terms. I downsized my life. Donated all of my clothes, and shoes to Goodwill. I only had enough clothes to fill up two small duffle bags, and maybe a pair of Chucks. My MacBook, and a few other items took the space in my book bag. There was no longer a desire to have my car, so I gave it to my sister. The property I owned felt like a trap, so it went back to the bank, or maybe the government. At that point I didn’t care, I wanted my dreams, freedom, the pursuit, and a peace of mind. The next chapter of my life began in Brooklyn, yet I would have to visit old chapters in DC to check on family, and business from time to time.
The Manifesto became my “Life Manual” during this pivotal time. It was the home screen of my iPhone/iPad, and the desktop image of my MacBook. It was imperative I read it a few times per day, it still is! It served as confirmation to the life I strive to life each day, and still does. The more I read it, and sometimes stared at it, the fear, doubt, and questions started to disappear! The Manifesto shifted my focus from what “the world” deems as important to what is really important in life! Creating, experiences, building quality relationships, appreciating moments, passion, simplicity, being wrong, getting lost, and traveling are the sincere definitions of life!
The structure in which it was written is extremely simple, however the message within The Manifesto is life-changing! The Manifesto is the absolute opposite of what the world teaches, and challenges the true essence of human emotion! The Manifesto is thought provoking! These are the principles we need to teach our youth in school, and infuse in college curriculums! If you are currently aren’t challenging yourself to incorporate these principles in your life before reading it, after reading it you will start instantly!
I want to sincerely “Thank” Dave, Michael, Fabian, and the entire Holstee team for creating such a powerful cultural revolution that has changed the lives of so many especially me! Continue to challenge conventional wisdom, and break traditional thinking!

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