Before even learning about the Manifesto, I had changed my life when I was 18, back in 2008. When I started college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, I wanted to get healthier and lose weight. I started to change my diet and exercise. When I realized how changing my lifestyle by cutting out soft drinks and junk food the weight started to come right off. I continued this process of keeping out junk food and exercising more and realized that my life is so much better with the weight off. Now in 2012, I am about 130 pounds lighter because I decided one day to change my attitude towards life. Throughout this long four year process, I continue to exercise and eat healthier and I try to get my family into eating healthier. Learning about the Manifesto has made me realize that life is very short and I need to continue to keep myself healthy because life is short and I want to continue to keep myself this way.

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