When I graduated university in May 2010, I was absolutely lost with no clear direction of what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to go. The economy was terrible at the time, and the many jobs I applied for I’d never hear back from. So as a self-proclaimed wanderer, I ventured out to travel.  Luckily in that same year of September, I was able to snag an All You Can Jet airline pass to travel all over the United States for one month, flying 16 times to various cities. From that point on, travel was injected in my blood, and I’d see the world from Europe to Central America to the Caribbean … Couchsurfing, meeting people at hostels, and doing work exchanges. While traveling, I picked up a new passion … surfing.  Surfing would be my obsession, and to this day, still is my favorite thing to do. Riding waves and being with the ocean has taught me a lot about patience, being close with nature, and simply living life.  While living out my lifestyle, I came across Holstee’s Manifesto, and was glad to see that I could connect with others who lived similarly … an unconventional lifestyle, doing what we wanted, when we wanted. It’s interesting that many past people have always mentioned living your life to the fullest, or taking risks in life … so many times that it may seem cliche. But it’s only a cliche if you don’t actually try it out … or if you aren’t bold enough to do something extraordinary, out of your comfort zone. So going forward in life, I intend on making the most of all the time I have while I’m alive, well, and on this beautiful world.  I’ve created a long bucket list … many things I still need to try, and I encourage you to compile your bucket list of things, and tackle each of them. Even if dreams may seem out of reach or not popular with the times, always go after them!  

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