My Manifesto story goes back to the people who manifested the Manifesto. Watching the Holstee brothers (my cousins) and Fabian mold Holstee to make sure that their brand has a minimal impact on the environment really inspired me, and had a huge impact on what I did when I got to school at UC Berkeley. Being a Cognitive Science Major, there were not many opportunities to join student groups related to the major, only the Cognitive Science Student Association. Thirsty for more social interaction, and remembering how inspiring my cousins’ passion for sustainability was, I went in search of sustainability groups to join, and joined two that semester and immediately immersed myself in the sustainability community at Cal. Over that semester, I saw that there were 30+ sustainability groups at Cal, but no collaborative space, or unifying body for them. At the beginning of the next semester I Co-Founded Environmental Clubs and Organizations - a coalition of all of the sustainability groups at Cal. Before seeing how Holstee ran, and going on a road trip up the coast with Mike and Dave, I could not say I had a real “passion”. Now, in almost every circle of friends, I am known as “the sustainability guy” and am proud of it. I am so proud to know the guys behind the Manifesto, and to have been inspired by the company and lifestyle that inspired the Manifesto.  

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