Holstee’s Manifesto was the first thing I came across during a period of research and changes in my life: I left my country, Greece, and moved to Belgium for three years. That was for purely professional reasons. But the big dream in my mind was to be able do it again and again in the future. Not for anyone else’s sake, but because I would choose it. My goal was to be independent of the system that surrounds us, full of contracts, clauses and restrictions. Didn’t wanna have a job - I wanted to create my job. Didn’t wanna ask for permission - just do everything at my own will. Didn’t wanna walk in the street being a stranger amongst strangers - I wanted to FEEL every single fucking moment and look people in the eyes. Feel their spark, what motivates them, know what their passion is, steal their smiles :) I wanted to see beauty where people see routine. And now… Yes. I’m almost there. And it feels great. 1. I quit my job (in a country where people would beg to be in my job shoes). 2. I’ve visited 4 continents in 3 years and managed to travel for at least a week per month - on the top of having my day job. 3. I followed my passion and did it well: my band is getting new fans every day. I engage with them without second thought. However, now I can’t hear the music anymore, I can only feel it. 4. I’ve created a digital debate for independent musicians, so I can share the knowledge and the experience I acquired over those years and help people share their stories, so all the musicians who participate can be a little wiser and more motivated at the end of each discussion. The manifesto of this project is Holstee style. It’s in Greek, sorry :) 5. I feel alive. And this strange kind of energy inside of me tends to have life on its own, demanding to get out of my body and inject the others with positivity. And it feels great. 6. I learnt how a simple video can make you cry. Over and over. If you cried too, talk to me please. What is Holstee’s contribution? You know already. I do things I love. And I do them often. I quit my job. No TV for 5 years now. I don’t look for people to love: I love them all. I sold things I didn’t need and became minimalistic. Hugs are gestures of positive energy. If I give you one, it means I mean it. Traveling often, I can now recognize beauty in every difference. I’m not afraid to get lost or go somewhere alone. Talking with someone and showing honest interest is simply the most powerful thing I can do to make someone feel special. I create, then I think what I’ve done. But most important… The first thing I do is ask them what their passion is. Because everybody wants to share their dream. They just don’t know it yet. Thanks Holstee. - Tommy Darker  

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