“Travel Often” is my personal motto. I came across the Holstee Manifesto about a year ago when I was looking at travel blogs, and it was mentioned often. Travel connects me to my family, career, and spiritual life.
It was through travel with my family that I found a connection with relatives that don’t live “down South.” I’ve visited family all along the East Coast, up North, and to the West. I love being around family, no matter the destination. For me, it’s an opportunity to see life differently from the slow pace lifestyle I’m accustomed to living in South Carolina. I’ve also traveled a lot with my twin sister. We have a special bond, and an international trip three years ago was mind blowing. We’re hoping to experience international travel with our parents, brother, nieces, and nephews in the near future.I’ve also been able to see this great country (USA) through my travels associated with work. I have enjoyed meeting people at professional development conferences, and gaining a new prospective in the work that I do. This is true for both my “day job” in education and my “moonlight job” as an independent filmmaker. It is also through my love of travel that my sister and I came up with a webshow concept entitled “Take A Leap,” where we’ll chronicle African-American expats who live and/or work extensively abroad. We’re excited about this venture, and currently using an array of fundraisers to get the show into full production. We have several interviewees already contacted who are willing to talk and share their lives with us. We share our progress in a blogsite at http://wcptakealeap.blogspot.com and fundraising site at http://indiegogo.com/takealeap. Finally, travel has awakened a true piece of my spiritual life. It was during my visit to Italy in 2009 that I was able to connect the teachings of the Bible with the Roman history. The journeys of Paul are chronicled in both Acts and Romans, and I have enjoyed recent Bible classes on the subject matter. I plan to visit Rome once again in a few months, and will have a more spiritual understanding of the historical relevance.

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