My story? Simple. When I was 18 I got diagnosed with a tumor in my breast. Breast cancer? Me? Old people have breast cancer. Sounds like a terrible thing to say, but that’s the first thing that came to my 18-year-old mind. I was miserable, not because I was feeling ill. I was wallowing in self-pity. Well, you might think this is the event that had changed my life. It wasn’t. And I wish I could tell the story, that immediately I understood how short life can be and that after recovering I started living. Nope. It was actually my now-boyfriend-soon-to-be-husband, good friend at that time, who pushed me into the right direction: he made a really bad, inappropriate joke about me being sick ;) I might have never told him, but this joke really changed my way of thinking in many ways. I was really mad at him first, because I guess I expected others to commiserate with me and feel sorry… but then I realized: I really shouldn’t take myself too serious. There are others that got hit harder, have to struggle more and still don’t complain. At the same time I learned to fight for everything, be persistent, never give up and see every obstacle in life as a great challenge. (Ok that took a little longer to realize). I am proud to say I am a really happy person today. I am surrounded by great people, do what I love and have found a way to let all my anger go. There were many challenges on the way and there will be many ups and downs ahead, but when I am old I will be able to look back with a big smile on my face and say: “Damn, that life was a crazy fun roller coaster ride.” …and I am grateful that I’ve met Dave, Mike and Fabian on this ride! The Holstee Manifesto impacts me in many ways and it’s an everyday reminder to appreciate, love and enjoy what we all have in common: LIFE.  

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