My life is a jumble of smiles, laughs, cries, disappointments, and struggles. However, through it all, I have learned how to embrace change in a positive way and always see the light at the end of the tunnel. It sounds quite cliche and idealistic, but when my mother bought the Manifesto and hung it up in her bedroom for my family and I to see on a daily basis, a new mindset came along. I may not be sky diving, viewing the Pyramids of Giza or running a marathon, but I will. And that’s what’s important: knowing that you will be doing these things and that they will be accomplished and you will have succeeded. It’s the lack of willpower that sets us back. We must know that these are missions that we will get to in our lives. They are not difficult or daunting but journeys that help us smoothly run the course.  The smiles, cries and disappointments are all a part of this life and they are simply just emotions that we are not able to control. But, how we react to them and how we challenge them is what makes life worth it. I will get through this, I will travel, I will love, I will fight, I will triumph. This is my life, now. As it should be.

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