I’ve been on the road since I was 18, I am now 22. At first I left after high-school because I had no idea of who I was or where I wanted my life to go. But I slowly learned that it’s not about where you take life, but about where life takes you. I gave into the road and traveled off and on, throughout Europe and North America for 2.5 years until returning to Canada when I was 21 and was convinced (somehow) that the ‘right’ thing for me to do was settle down, go to school and seemingly make something of myself. After being in Canada for 8 months, severly unhappy and not advancing being solitary, my friend sent me the Holstee Manifesto one night and something clicked inside of me. My true passion and love is being on the road, constantly up to new adventures and following my chronic wanderlust. I’ve learned and am constantly reminded from the words of the Manifesto that life is too short to be anyone other than your true self and to follow you passion, no matter the cost.  I am now in England, working odd jobs and creating amazing friendships, but I feel the restlessness start to kick in again now that summer is returning. I leave England next month to hitch Europe again and see who else I can find. After that, who knows? Perhaps South America or volunteering in Asia.  At the end of my life it doesn’t matter to me what University I got accepted at or how much my clothing cost. What only matters is the mural of my life put together by dreams, adventures, lovers and friends that makes for a real story. My story.

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