“If you wish to be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to spend time in their lives today…” We have tried to follow that path. Mansoor and I are the proud parents of three wonderful children (very much adults now!). We could not be more proud of all their accomplishments. The Manifesto was written by our two sons, Michael and David, and their business partner Fabian. The poster has been hanging in our kitchen wall for about two years so we see it every day and it inspires us every day. As parents we hope that we have taught them a few lessons in life but every day we see that we continue to learn from them.  We taught them to be hospitable, they have taught us to open our hearts to new things and people. We have taught them to have respect for others, they have taught us that we are united in our differences. We taught them to be inquisitive, they taught us not to over-analyze because all emotions are beautiful. We asked them not to watch too much TV, even though they did as kids!! We always asked them to be careful not to get lost, but they have taught us that getting lost will help your find yourself. Bottom line, they taught us that life is short and is about the people you meet! And we are grateful for their Passion.

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