“Open your mind, arms and heart to new things and people”. The Manifesto for me is first and foremost about cultivating this openness to the world and its people. Individuals cannot achieve much when left to themselves, they live through and often for others to some extent; if only by using languages and ideas borrowed to the larger community, we are all connected and need to recognize it. Being open to new things and people might be necessary, however it’s not sufficient. Life is also about “creating something” with others. Though at first I saw how that could apply directly to entrepreneurs, I thought it hardly applied to myself up to this point. Yet I soon realized that creating something with people does not require any physical product. Instead, the simple fact of meeting and sharing with others often leads you to creating a lasting impact in your interlocutor and develop a new, better understanding of the world for yourself. Instead of creating something from nothing, we draw on the life experiences we have and enrich them incessantly with the power of others’ experiences and ideas. This can only be done if people are willing to share more than what lies at the surface, often too compliant to common norms to really challenge our world views and enable us to progress. We can then go on to make others progress in the same way, and let the virtuous cycle of life with the manifesto in mind start again!

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