The first time I saw the Holstee Manifesto was last December. My daughter had received the poster as a gift from her thoughtful and intuitive boyfriend. I watched as she uncurled the poster and read the words. Tears of joy and gratitude formed in her eyes, not only from the inspiration she held in black and white, but from the knowledge that the man she loved understood her so profoundly. I do not know if this was the first my daughter had heard of Holstee. But a few short months later she was so excited to begin an internship with them. I was happy to see she had the opportunity to work for a company that inspired her creatively. My favorite line in the Manifesto is, “So go out and start creating.” All my life I have found joy and satisfaction through creating in various mediums. I firmly believe that every human has the God-given ability to create. Too often people doubt or belittle their efforts, but that gift is an intrinsic part of being human. SO GO OUT and CREATE. Through art, music, writing, science, dance, design, invention. I respect Holstee for their philosophy. I admire any person, organization or industry that cares not only for self, but for the surrounding community. I appreciate the inspiring words in your Manifesto. Often a seemingly small and simple thing is all that is needed: to carry on, to not quit, to persevere, to pursue, to try again, to push forward, to take a step, to take a chance. May we all strive to be that encouragement to others. Thank you, Holstee.

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