My job takes me from home to home to do life insurance exams. Today as I was sitting at one of my clients house I saw this sign, your Manifesto sign, and as I began to read it I thought it is everything I believe life to be. It’s everything I have faced in life, and I am sure will be faced in the future. I once saw a famous movie actor who stated that when he is no longer happy with his job, he quits. He changes paths in life and moves on. Well I have trusted that and have implemented that in my life. I have done exactly that more than once—I have quit my job if it makes me wake up in the morning feeling miserable, or have dreaded feeling in the pit of your stomach on Sunday Night to the point that you are depressed about Monday coming too quickly.  I have changed my path several times in life, but the most recent is that in the last six months I have picked up my family and myself and moved us across country from Missouri to Washington with what we could fit in our VW car. It is easy to find yourself in a slump or falling into depression in life especially now with everything that seems to be going on around us: political, personal, financial, and spiritual. But I have learned to make lemonade out of lemons—I will stay positive!  Thank You for your Manifesto sign. When I can, I will be buying it, and will be placing it in a room of my home where to be noticed, cherished, and rules to live by.

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