New York City, July 2009… I stand in a lounge to attend a networking event not sure if I will meet viable contacts. At least I am trying. The economy is dreadful and all of us are looking for new job opportunities. I’ve brought my Italian girlfriend with me for support and met Dave and Mike from Holstee. I give them my card and we discuss the interesting T-Shirt with a side pocket they are both wearing. The more I speak to them the more I am captivated. In a time where most of us are laid off and trying to “Network” to find work they are diving in and making a new company with a Manifesto statement. Dave just quit his full time salaried corporate job to focus on Holstee and their future was uncertain.   What people might not know about Dave, Mike and Fabian is how they never gave up. Fabian walked door to door, day after day, trying to find someone to lend them a few square feet of space to house their business. Dave and Mike used their apartment to house visitors using couch surfing to raise money for rent.   What people might not know is the words we all read in the Manifesto was so pure, so organic and most of all these men walked the walk. They lived those words.    Without passion, we are nothing. The passion these 3 men had and where they have come since July 2009 is amazing. I am in awe. The way their Manifesto has been used to create posters, quilts, greeting cards and videos is sending positive shockwaves around the world.   No matter what struggle you are dealing with and believe me we all have them, reading these words is like a shot of healthy power juice! It gives you a boost, a shockwave that moves your body into action and positivity.   The world is full of so many things that are unhealthy (food, thoughts, people) we must have the healthy power words to combat this.   I challenge everyone reading this to keep the Manifesto close and to read it or watch the video whenever you need to fight negativity! 

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