I designed KORAKOR for my faith in humanity. I built it all because I wanted to make life more wonderful for everyone, including myself. My higher purpose was and is to cultivate community, and to build deep connections with life, others and myself. I chose not to remain on the surface of things and wanted to open myself fully to what truly was…to you…to them….to all of us! Nothing to hide—the raw me! I had a vision, a philosophy, a code of ethics of how to live life fully. I came to find that my beliefs were completely in harmony and cohesion with the HOLSTEE Manifesto. Everything written on this Manifesto is to me universal wisdom—bits of human truths that anyone could feel, live, do! Most importantly, what strikes me the most with the Manifesto is its appeal to so many. Hundreds of thousands of people liked it, agreed with it, felt that it was right. KORAKOR has the same universal appeal—this deep desire to raise consciousness! I live my life by my passion and I’m convinced that for those who have not yet taken the major step on their personal journey, Holstee’s few noble sentences will one day resonate as synchronicity. Until then, I will continue to spread my love…

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