I didn’t quit my job because I could’t find a replacement.  Instead I was laid off.  It was probably the best ting that could have happened to me.  I was full of excuses of why I couldn’t do something, with the prime excuse being I didn’t have time.  I would make plans to do something I really wanted to so and then cancel them because I had to work late or I was too tired and just wanted to crash.
It has been 14 months. I started my new job last Friday and I can say that I have really become the person I wanted to become.
I read over 100 books from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  I read anything that anybody recommended.  I figured if they thought I would like it than I would like it.  Not always true but I finished every book I started: Self-Help, crime novels, suspense, romantic, and memoirs.  I realized that my life isn’t so bad.  After Labor Day I visited my family on the east coast to get a visit in before I got my new job.  This trip opened my eyes to the importance of setting goals.  On the flight home I wrote down all of the things I wanted to do NOW:
1. Loose weight
2. Follow my Passion
3. Travel
I began trolling Craigslist for weight-loss opportunities.  It took about 2 weeks until I read the headline “Do you want to lose 20 pounds in 30 days?”  It did not sound like a possibility but I was up for the challenge.  It was actually a casting for an infomercial.  My story got me in the program and I dove in.  Without work commitments I was able to devote my time to working out and eating right and as the weight dropped my confidence soared.  The program was extended to 12 weeks and I was the Biggest Loser—I lost 29 pounds!  After the program ended I was able to drop 10 more.  The change in my body, mind and soul is unrecognizable.  I am not the same person I was four months ago.
While I was trolling for weight loss ventures, I was also looking for something that would give me passion—not necessarily a career but something that could keep me interested. I found a posting for a job opportunity in Direct Sales. It was not really something I wanted to do, except this opportunity also gave you tools to build your Social Media skills. Once I started I was ranked Top 5 in the company for 3 months straight and was inspiring others in the team. This passion allowed me to get my new position.
Traveling has been harder to come by as I haven’t had the funds to explore.  So this year my husband and I have decided that not only will we visit our families, but we will also explore parts of the United States that we have not yet visited.  Road Trip!
Now I look back on this year and I think about how lucky I was. The weight-loss journey allowed me to become really close to the trainers at the gym and I offered to do their Facebook and Twitter posts for a trade.  I received a message yesterday from them saying that everyone looks forward to my inspirational posts everyday and that I am keeping them focused and inspiring them one post at a time.
If I wasn’t working for the Direct Sales company I wouldn’t have thought to work in the trade-situation for the gym. I am thankful to have learned the skills necessary to do so. The infomercial just hit the airwaves this past weekend.
Live your dream and share your passion… Yes, by doing what you love and following your dream it inspires others to do the same.  My passion is living a healthy, fashionable lifestyle and sharing the journey with anyone who wants to come along for the ride.

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