[gallery] I met the love of my life 23 years ago July 4th, on a beach in LA. We both came from childhoods that were rough, and we both entered our relationship determined to make our lives great. We had success! Through humility, hard work, shared vision, and learning from our many mistakes (oh, and a sense of humor) we can now claim a life contended and blessed—with two Boston Terriers, two happy and healthy children, and a comfortable home in Pittsburgh, PA. BUT, my beloved husband was diagnosed with a fatal illness last Summer. Our days together now are numbered, and our future is filled with much hardship and uncertainty. YET, we have created a new vision for our lives, and our children’s lives, and how we plan to use our remaining time together. Our story can be kept up with here. Our mantra is “Life is STILL About the People You Meet and the Things You Create with Them,” and Gratitude For Every Single Day.

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