[gallery] ‘I’ll get the next round!’ I get four beers in exchange for letting the cute guy at the bar draw a mustache on my face. He gets one from me. A mustache that is. My friends don’t even realize I have a big black handlebar between my nose and lips, it seems to look natural on me… My Latin blood I guess.  He and I spend the last two days of my trip to Central America falling in love… fast! And we joke around, ‘There are no waves in the Caribbean right now, you should come to Berlin’ (my home town). A week later I pick him up from the airport. He brought one backpack with one pair of jeans, one thin hoodie and some socks he borrowed from his surf buddy. Obviously he hadn’t planned on chasing a girl to Berlin, silly man! We depend on the mercy of the weather gods and they treat us well! We spend another 10 days together enjoying the early spring and realizing we don’t want to be apart anymore!  So, we pack my stuff in two bags, move it to L.A., pack his stuff and mine in the back of an old 4Runner and drive it down to Costa Rica. Home sweet Home! At least for a while…  After almost 3 years of living between Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica and suffering though some long-distance time due to visa restrictions, we are now getting married! We followed our passion by following each other. Not only because we were in love, but because we were both in situations that required CHANGE. Because IT IS OUR LIFE and IT IS SHORT. When I met him, I had STOPPED LOOKING. So when I read The Holstee Manifesto it was like someone was speaking about my life and then our lives! It is a constant reminder! And the greeting card is travel size! 

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