As someone who’s currently co-founding a company with the slogan “live your dreams”, it only seems natural that I was told by several people that I HAD to check-out the Holstee Manifesto. So I did, and I instantly wished that the wisdom captured in the Manifesto could instantly be downloaded to all our brains to guide how we act and spend our time. Wouldn’t that ensure a life well lived?

I think in a sense, the ideas of the Manifesto are ingrained in all of us. When we look deep inside for guidance towards whatever aspect of our lives it may be, I think we often find the same words echoed by the Manifesto. That’s what make it so powerful — it’s universal.

Sometimes it can seem so easy to lose sight of why we’re on this earth in the first place. After all, life is quite strange when you think about it. We all share this short experience without every really being told why. Yet when one turns to the words of the Manifesto, our reasons for being here seem almost self-evident:

To do what we love, to meet people that inspire us, to create things with them, to live our dreams.

These are the thing we are meant to do

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