Live each day as if it were your last… because one of these days, you might be right. From a young age, I always envisioned walking a mile in someone elses shoes and what their story told. Maybe that’s why I love being an actor and playing the part everyone wants to be entertained by or aspire to. Quick lesson learned: not all knights in shining armor get the girl and live happily ever after. Sometimes their “ever after” actually comes sooner than planned. I have attended more funerals to those taken too early and ones who choose their ending. At the age of seventeen, my life was drastically altered when my soon-to-be college roommate took his own life. How is a teenager able to commit such a selfish ending? To play the character who forces others to face a blindsided death was just Act One to my life’s manifesto. From there, I’ve had my handful heartbreaks…including watching my best friend plunge 3 stories to his death back in 2006. If you had asked what my life’s path would be, it wouldn’t have included these graveled stones to walk in my mile as Scott Wormser. My manifesto is: BE THE EAR FOR THE SILENT VOICE. Always listen to those in your life, even ones who’s stories will be told at a later time. Enemies are just people with whom it takes more effort to connect with…and learn from. The role I play now is one no stage can showcase because as my life changes and grows, so does the venue. A shadow passed keeps my feet moving forward. Telling everyone of my fallen heroes hopefully teaches what they thought could never be taught. Within days, I will be a married man—the role I eagerly await for—and I am excited to play out my happily ever after. Act Two starts September 2.

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