But what if you actually love your job? What if you work with some of the kindest and most interesting people around? What if you get to make awesome products that touch people’s lives? And if the awesome products are constructed out of sustainable materials and produced at amazing family-owned factories? What if you actually work for HOLSTEE?

Then you’d probably never quit, right?

Well, a few days ago I found out that I was selected for a US Student Fulbright Award to do research on the quality of life for garment workers in the Dominican Republic. Normally the opportunity to sell my stuff, move out of my apartment, and relocate to a sunny island nation I’ve never once visited would have been a no-brainer. Add in the opportunity to do research on a topic that I am extremely passionate about, and you can bet I would be gone on a jet plane. I’m a risk-taker and an adventurer by nature, and have done more impulsive things with much less cause before (just ask my dad).

But suddenly I have a job I love, a studio apartment with the cutest vintage-inspired wallpaper, and some ongoing health concerns. Suddenly the thought of an adventure makes me feels… sleepy!

And yet, I am writing this while literally surrounded by copies of the Manifesto poster. We are considering some new papers and designs, so I have a handful of samples to compare. In order to approve them for production, I will pass the day feeling the paper between my fingers, holding it close to my face to examine the quality of the print, and squinting to compare versions from a distance.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE. STOP OVER ANALYZING. TRAVEL OFTEN. It tells me over and over again.

How could I decide to stay after such a tactile love affair with these inspiring words?

How could I go?

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