The Holstee Manifesto came to me at a tumultuous yet inspiring time in my life. I had just made this, what felt like, “transition” from being a straight man to gay man (in retrospect knowing fully it was bound to happen at some point). I had graduated University but wanted to relinquish any expectation I had convinced myself of in going out and find a “real job”. I had abandoned one relationship, got into another, and then left that one too. A colleague, who is so enthusiastic about life, showed me the Holstee Manifesto poster online. I immediately bought half a dozen from the website and shared it with my closest friends (and even my ex!).   It made me realize life is short. I should be grateful for the hurdles I’ve jumped over—not because there are hurdles in life but because I, Mark, JUMPED over them. I thought about what I loved and thought about doing it often. So I signed up to do yoga teacher training and, voila, I now teach yoga because I love it. I now know life is for sharing, and appreciating every last bite of a LIFE you can sink your teeth into.  I now know that I am gay and that is okay. I can stop over-analyzing that and be proud of my own story. It’s the only one where you can write your own ending.

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