“If you are looking for the love of your life; stop. They will be waiting for you when you start doing the things you love.” The eroded physical stature of my body clearly indicates I have not eaten for days, perhaps even weeks. My mental faculties are muddled. I am tired, decrepit; my muscles show signs of atrophy. The light of day seems so foreign to me now, a language unto itself that I simply cannot decipher. I suspect my meagre weight is approaching Hobbit-like proportions. The thought conjures reflections of the Shire; lush green landscapes with caroling feathered friends and twirling young children. It seems like a delightful place to be this time of year, if only for a moment. I miss her. Without warning, the door to my home berates me with the sound of a closed fist to lumber. I remain deathly still, thoroughly mute, unable to fathom who would have the audacity to enter my realm of woeful desolation. The front door calls for me again, this time with a sense of urgency, yet not enough to compel me to advance position. A few moments pass when the alarming sound of metal on metal, twisting and turning, shudders through my body. Today, the sound of victory is a consequence of squeaky door hinges, naturally tuned to the key of G. The hull has been breached with the support of a golden spare key. Today, my logic has failed me. A dark figure clothed in casual business attire approaches me with reservation, quietly speaking in a calm, soothing manner. The look in his eyes reveals my pathetic condition; parading my mental and physical blemishes with clarity like a brawny circus mirror you can’t escape. It is my dear friend Andy. Equipped with the Holstee Manifesto in hand, he has come to rescue me from my slumber. I blink with all my might, then whisper, “Hello.”

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Distilled from our Manifesto, positive psychology, the science of mindfulness, and ancient philosophic studies we have identified twelve themes core to living both fully and mindfully. We mapped these twelve themes to each of the twelve months in a year. Together with our community we explore one each month.


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