My story isn’t wild, exciting, or shocking. It’s not about a particularly amazing decision I made, or a wild and life-altering experience. It’s more important than that, because it’s the filler. It’s the little stuff that falls through the cracks between each ground-breaking discovery or leap of faith. My story consists of the plain, vanilla, middle-America moments that I choose to embrace with Holstee Manifesto.  Every day, I wake up in a basic, brown apartment. Outside, I hear Chicago. My hardwood floor is scratched from rearranging furniture, my clothes are in piles. But alas, on my wall is my Holstee Manifesto. It reminds me of everything I’ve done right in my life- and everything I need to keep doing. Today, I see “Travel Often.” I think that I will put my bike on my car and see where it takes me after work. My big epiphanies will come. I’ve had my share of stories, but what about right now? What about this moment in time? Life is about going jogging in a thunderstorm. It’s about making cupcakes for your department at work. It’s about remembering the names of the cashiers at the grocery store. These weird, mundane moments that we embrace with our Holstee promise are the stuff of life. They aren’t the most glamorous moments, but they are ours.

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