The Holstee Manifesto totally encompasses the path I have chosen for my life. It is a mindset that sparks ideas, actions, and relationships. I now live by it every day. The Manifesto says DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND DO IT OFTEN. While I once felt pressure to get into Cornell for college, I am currently taking classes at Miami University where the work doesn’t even feel like work because I am interested in what I learn about. I am learning from experience instead of simply memorizing and regurgitating text.
Currently, my dream is to join the buzzing startup world in San Francisco. I want to be a part of inventing something that changes the world. I want to use my combined expertise in interactive media, entrepreneurship, and marketing to help create something ground-breaking.
Entrepreneurship is exciting when you are working on something that you have a passion for—and interactive media studies has gotten me obsessed with all things digital. It made me very interested in the latest technological advancements, which are mostly coming from the San Francisco Bay area. That is why I took the next step towards what I love, and I am spending a whole semester in San Francisco next spring. There, I will learn about digital innovation, and I will be surrounded by companies whose success stories give me my inspiration. This is my life.

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