I came across the Holstee Manifesto a few months after leaving my kushy corporate job. When I read it, I was at a pivotal point, trying to figure out what social venture ideas I should pursue and whether I was even doing the right thing. After all, it is pretty scary leaving a well-paying job to pursue my dreams as a social entrepreneur, not having any technical knowledge, not having a proven business model and not knowing when I’d have a dollar in the door. It didn’t matter though and that’s why I quit. The corporate world wasn’t my passion, it was a job. It was a means to an end, I was working to live, it wasn’t me. Reading the Holstee Manifesto reminded me of myself. It reminded me of the kind of person I am striving to be and made me feel better about my decisions.  I still don’t know where my ventures are going and things are constantly changing, but that’s okay, in fact, it’s perfect. Uncertainty is beautiful and life is way too short to keep doing work that doesn’t matter. It really is simple, we just have to pursue our passions and do work we love, and we’ll find a way to figure out the rest.  Thanks for the inspiration and the much-needed reassurance.

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