The Holstee Manifesto came to me in a few iterations before it truly began to take hold. First, it was on a Pinterest board. Then, it was in my therapist’s office and finally it was in partial quotes all over Twitter. Each phrase felt coincidentally personal and entirely validating as I found myself in a transformational phase of life. At 26, I chose to break away from the freelance lifestyle and form my own consultancy to help entrepreneurs realize their own visions and enter the marketplace confident & prepared. At 27, I was blindsided by a leukemia diagnosis that at first had me spiraling and then had me grasping for direction.  As I emerged from this life-altering event I found myself connecting to the Holstee Manifesto and the idea of self-empowerment and healthy, socially-conscious living. I began to feel an even stronger connection to my clients: life coaches, wellness experts, artists, writers, non-profit directors and other visionaries seeking to better the world.  Now 28, I am happily coming to terms with this incredibly rewarding lifestyle - embracing risk, establishing relationships on a deeply human level and grateful for the challenges that have brought me this far. I am expanding my business offerings to help guide entrepreneurs toward both successful businesses and fulfilling lives and showing others that making your own place in the world is the best way to contribute to it.  Thank you for the inspiration. There can never be enough of it.

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