My name is Dwight, Im the founder of Quarter Waters and my mission is to inspire people to change the world! While a student at Bronx Community College I served as President of the Student Government Association and the President of the Political Science Club (We Rocked!!!). My major was Political Science and I really had a passion for improving the lives of not only the people in my community, but also everybody in the world. Big ambition right?! As an activist I have always looked for the best way to bring about change. To my surprise I stumbled across the power of business. Social Entrepreneurs are the most creative people on Earth—developing sustainable organizations that improve the environment and/or enhance the lives of others. I love that. So I decided to sit down and talk with some of the most successful Social Entrepreneurs around, and last November I created Quarter Waters. I want to introduce people to these visionaries so we can learn how they think; how they act; what motivates them and most importantly, how they became successful. I want to share their amazing stories because I know once you have heard them, like myself, you will be inspired to join these amazing and courageous Social Entrepreneurs in changing the world. As soon as I read the Manifesto it reminded me of how short yet beautiful life can be. I now want to live life to the fullest and live with no regrets. “If you don’t like your job, quit.” I just gave my day-job my two weeks notice. Wish me luck!

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Distilled from our Manifesto, positive psychology, the science of mindfulness, and ancient philosophic studies we have identified twelve themes core to living both fully and mindfully. We mapped these twelve themes to each of the twelve months in a year. Together with our community we explore one each month.


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