When someone tells me no”, I say “yes.” When someone tells me I can’t, I say “watch me.” When someone asks me why, I respond with “passion.”
When I first saw the Holstee Manifesto, it became my daily dose of inspiration. Never before has couple of sentences resonated with me so much. This is my life.
My story started in high school, when I faced my first rejection of an idea. People tell me I was too young, I had no experience, or that I have no money… there were a million + 1 reasons why I shouldn’t follow my dream. However, there was one reason why I should: it was my passion.
I follow a simple motto in life: do what I love and love what I do. It’s simple in theory– all I have to do is find that one thing I love. Instead, it found me. Passion is a simple 7-letter word that looks small on paper. But how do you know when you found this passion? For me, it’s when I started to live, breathe, and dream of this thing that consumed my mind and my body. It fueled my energy, and brought reason to my life. I understood my purpose. Once my passion flowed through my veins, there’s no stopping me. Age, money, and experience all became irrelevant. No one was able to tell me what I can’t do, because I was able to show exactly what I can do.
My passion is social entrepreneurship. My life goal is to make a difference in this world. I want to know I made an impact, and that something or someone is better off because of what I contributed. Social entrepreneurship has become my lifestyle, and I am living that life as the Founder of two student-run groups and doing work that leaves an impact in other people’s lives.
Years later I realized the importance of taking life where I want it to be, rather than letting life take me to where I should be. Life is about the little moments that make us happy, not about tangible assets or superficial titles. My life has been defined by people and places; having moved around to 8 different cities in 18 years, I find myself through the people I’ve met in the places I’ve visited.
Find your passion. Know that makes you happy. Surround yourself with the right people. Live your dream. This is my life.

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