This is your LIFE.  These are the first four words I see each morning.

I didn’t come looking for the Manifesto.  In fact, it was an “accident” that I found it at all.  I was hoping to find things on the net that would bring the spark back into my life, like paintings, books, movies, etc, when I saw a black image in white background.  I clicked on it, and was immediately drawn to the words and phrases just popping out in front of me. LIFE. Dream. Eat. Travel often.  

For a while I sat in front of my computer reading and re-reading and digesting every single word.  At that stage, I was pretty overcome with emotions that I was compelled to have it.  It was exactly the kind of inspiration I needed. 

At some point in my late 20’s I’d lost sight of my dreams and zeal for life.  I was adventurous, surrounded by lots of friends, and always up for a good laugh.  But somehow, somewhere I became scared and self-doubt crept in.  I became somewhat of social pariah, often rejecting invitations from friends and preferring to stay at home.  I got further in the dumps when my relationship had broken down, and to top it all off, I suffered from anxiety at the thought of having to go to the job I really hated!  I literally watched my life go by and waited for something amazing to happen. 

Nothing amazing did happen to me.  At least, not immediately after receiving my poster.  But I was sensing a shift.  And as I walk past the framed poster in my bedroom, sometimes stopping to read it fully, other times just looking at one or two words, I found myself not waiting, but actually DOING them.  It was like a coach giving me my daily pep, encouraging me when I was having doubts.  I eventually had the courage to leave my job, had a nice three month break before tackling a new and exciting role, created new hobbies and adventures, and reconnected with friends while making new ones along the way.  Best of all, I no longer fear anything…except cockroaches!

Next stop, I’ll be diving with sharks!  This is MY life.  And I’m having fun!

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