I live in Melbourne, Australia. Winter has arrived early but the autumn colour is still on the trees. The mornings are dark and cold but inside it’s warm and I’m the happiest I can remember being. Not joyous happy, contented happy. I am 48 years old and a mother, wife and businesswoman. I’d like to say I’m a writer too and I think I can almost claim that now. After reading the Holstee Manifesto (and especially, the words ‘share your passion’), I started a new business and I’ve just finished writing an e-course called ‘Finding Your Direction’. I didn’t know I had that many words in me. Ten years ago I started a small business where I help people find the right careers. I talk to them about the things that have made my life meaningful and fulfilling. Like meditation and being creative, courageous, compassionate and vulnerable. When I fell in love with my work, I fell more in love with my partner (we’ve been together for 26 years) and I became a better mother to our beautiful girls. They are all grown up now and working, studying and traveling the world. I realized I still have lots of dreams to fulfill. I want to meditate in India, take photographs in Burma and immerse myself in other cultures. I want to live by the ocean, write a book and grow more vegetables and herbs in my garden. And I want to keep sharing my passion. 

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