I first saw the Holstee Manifesto online on StumbleUpon and once I read it, I knew it wasn’t like the other inspirational quotes I had seen online. The Manifesto struck such a deep cord within me that I knew I had to have a hard copy. I wanted to tell all my friends and family about it. I wanted everyone to feel that passion that I was feeling after reading it. So I followed back the blog post which led me to another site which finally took me to the Holstee site. The story isn’t so simple though—there was something else going on when I came across this wonderful set of words.
When I first ran into this Manifesto, I was going through a really rough break up. I had left my boyfriend of 4 years after finding out he was cheating on me and had been seeing other people almost the whole 4 years we had been together. It was the kind of relationship that I was blinded by—nothing anyone could say or do made me believe he was a bad person. He had me under such a tight grip only he could control that it took me almost a year to fully realize what I needed to do in order to get out of this unhealthy lifestyle.
Once I finally got the courage to leave him, I had never been in a lower place in my life. I was in typical break up mode where I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, nothing made me smile for weeks until I started on a search for inspirational words to get me through. I tried religion, words from friends, support from family but only the Manifesto temporarily rejuvinated my positive spirit. Every time I read over it, it sparked a little more hope for me. I read it outloud so my heart would start to believe again.
The Manifesto is written not so that it makes the world seem like a fairy tale, but that it’s a real place that YOU can conquer, a place that you can control your destiny and no one can hold you back. It got me out of bed on those days that seemed so dark. It was almost a slap in the face to get me out of that funk and back out in reality having a life again. Those are the exact words I needed at that exact time.
I bought the poster online and anxiously awaited it’s arrival so I could proudly display it on my wall of my apartment. Almost 10 months later that poster still hangs on my wall and I have had more conversations about that poster than anything in my living room. I read it on my way out the door, while I’m getting ready for work, while I’m laying on my couch listening to music… I read it almost every day.

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