My life is an unexpected mix ultimately leading to all things GOOD! Tragedy. The unexpected death of my 32 year old husband while we had 4 young children to raise led to unexpected changes and growth to me as a person and to my children throughout the years. The tough road became the road less traveled lined with experiences that would allow us the opportunity to fully appreciate life in ways we could not have anticipated. Greif and sadness gave way to joyful memories and laughter over a life well lived by our loved father and husband to the life we were in the middle of living so completely different than I had imagined. Times have been tough but the gratitude I feel for the richness of family in my life makes all “difficult” things seem so faint. I loved him so much for who he was, the love he gave me, the joy he added to my life and the greatest gift ever given, our children.  I love him still for all he helped me learn and the strength he helped me find and the legacy that is HIM in these beautiful young adults. This is MY life and for better or worse it is the reason I continue to smile and say “thank you Kurt!” “Life is short.” “Life is about the people you meet.” “Live your dream and share your passion.” …All of it strikes some deep meaning for me. I loved reading the Manifesto and sharing it with my friends and family.

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