I’ve always been the kind of person to be moved by words. Emotionally, sure, but also physically.
My senior year of high school I read a book by Donald Miller that later transported my life from Colorado to Portland. A few years later, Mark Twain took me to Thailand. Howard Thurman gave me the courage and conviction to leave my job. And this year the Holstee Manifesto rolled up all of my persuasions in a concise, inspirationally put chunk of text.
The Manifesto contributed to making a huge and foggy decision seem simple and clear—despite a difficult job market, I would be quitting my stable job that I liked but didn’t love, I was going to travel, I shed the belongings that were holding me down, I finally invested in a professional camera and I set out to do the things that made me come alive – photography, meeting people, and telling their stories. 
Upon returning to the States from southern Europe, I stood guard against the American traps of purposeless busy-ness and keeping up with the Jones’s. The current is strong though, and I was in need of reminders to keep my footing. Two weeks after my return, I took a break from scouring Craigslist for jobs so that I could reflect on my travels and re-gather thoughts that were to be my fuel in coming back to “real life”.
It was a crowded day at my regular café and I found myself sitting at a table with the reminder I was looking for. “Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them” I quietly noticed stuck to the back of the stranger’s Mac; it seemed familiar and was intriguing so we began talking. Within this series of conversations that inspired me just as the Holstee Manifesto had months prior, my new friend Mikey linked me to something he thought I’d enjoy – he coincidentally linked me to Holstee, while keeping his direct ties on the hush. So here I am, full circle, facing The Manifesto again in this new season of life and it is still applicable, still simple, and still an inspiring reminder to slow down and treat life as a gift.

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