I remember the night that I found the Holstee Manifesto, or rather the night it found me. I was sitting in bed with the TV flickering, aimlessly clicking through StumbleUpon when the Manifesto popped up, and those poignant words lit up my screen.  As I read the bold black and white text (and then re-read it), I felt connected to this person…these people…the writers – whoever they were. I recognized these words as our anthem. Stop the blame game, and do something about the unhappiness you might feel – no matter what it might be. Start embracing what makes you thrive and seek out others who feel the way you do. Stop watching TV and staring at your iPhone for a second…long enough to look someone in the eye and possibly learn something from them. Unfortunately, the image of the Manifesto wasn’t linked or cited, and I had no idea where these words originated.

I became pseudo-obsessed with figuring out who penned these beautifully written phrases that summed up so much of what I was struggling with each day. After a bit of digging, I found Holstee and read about Mike, Dave and Fabian. I felt that I didn’t have much of a choice but to set up a phone call and find out how this Manifesto came to be, so a few days later I had the opportunity to hear the story from Mike himself. I found the Holstee story to be inspiring but even more, I found the movement and the community of people who also believe in these truths (and attempt to live by them) even more fascinating.

Since first ‘meeting’ the Manifesto, I’ve come in contact with some amazing people who see the world as I do…some I’ve never even met in person. It truly is all about asking someone what they’re passionate about and sharing your passion with them.

I won’t soon forget Mike’s answer when I asked him to share some advice with budding entrepreneurs (for an article I was writing at the time). He said, “If you have an idea, get it out of your head. Create a prototype, get it into the world and then do it. Do it on a small scale. Make something you can hold.”

Don’t think of the ‘what if’ and the reasons you might fail. Take the plunge, do what you love and keep your eyes open for some life-changing people along the way.

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