The Holstee Manifesto was written by Dave, Fabian and I just as we were starting Holstee. We wrote it to have a solid reminder for what’s really important for us in life. We put it on the ‘About Us’ page of the new Holstee website back in 2009. Fast forward to today, and it's been viewed countless times, translated to many different languages and continues to pop up in what I feel have been the most unexpected places. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the universe for making this a truly effective and sticky reminder for us.
What’s been the impact on my life? There have been many. One of the coolest impacts is how it’s helped draw a remarkable number of wonderful people into my world. The adage, "Whatever you put out into world is what you’ll get back" has proved very true in this case. We put out into the world our deepest, purest thoughts about the types of lives we’d like to pursue. As a result, countless people already doing just that and others who were well on their way to lead a similar lifestyle started to get in touch. Whether for business or otherwise, it’s played a significant role in helping to surround me (and our team) by the most positively charged doers and makers I have met in my life. This has been the greatest impact so far, one I could have never anticipated or imagined.

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Welcome to Holstee

Our monthly membership helps conscious people (like you!) libe a more meaningful life through actionable guide, inspiring art, thought-provoking content and a like-minded community.


Our Themes

Distilled from our Manifesto, positive psychology, the science of mindfulness, and ancient philosophic studies we have identified twelve themes core to living both fully and mindfully. We mapped these twelve themes to each of the twelve months in a year. Together with our community we explore one each month.


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